customize FB

walopun terkesan telat.. tapi akhirnya bisa juga *sebar2 kembang* 😛

how to modify it??

1] Join the group.
2] Invite all your friends list to join this group.
3] Install this application on your PC. Choose your browser.
If you’re using Firefox install this:
If you use Internet Explorer install this

● Click START INSTALL in the second green tab.
● Leave a text box … give it Run or Install.
● Already installed you will automatically open a window (Internet Explorer only) … click Go to PageRage Facebook App (Green Box).
● Then choose your preferred design and you click SELECT in the blue boxes and that´s it.

4] On this page are the styles if you want to change it.

AND READY! That is easy!

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember that other users must have installed APPLICATION TO SEE YOUR PROFILE CUSTOM … So share this information with all who you can!

Note: For those who don´t believe this, you can see the pictures of the group and see how some of us are already working and have uploaded your photos from their profiles.

»See Some designs ….

Change Your Facebook Color

nah.. modifikasi profil tersebut akan terlihat apabila di browsermu dan browser temen2mu memiliki add-ons yontoo ituh.. selama browsermu tak memiliki add-ons ituh.. ya wassalam.. tak akan terlihat ituh modifikasinya ^^ mau nyoba?? ato bikin sendiri??

yang jelas disini tu2t hanya memodifikasi headernya saja.. that’s all.. nothing more ^^ karena tu2t masih ingin mempertahankan keasliannya..


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