Kuroi Namida – Anna Tsuchiya

Kuroi Namida’s translation

I can’t count the nights when I’ve hoped tomorrow won’t come
I’ve lost my dreams and my love; lashed by the rain, I’m crying, crying, crying…

What do I need to do
To be able to live as I am, without dressing myself up?
I can’t even believe in myself, so what should I believe in?
The answer is so close that I can’t see it

I cry black tears
I have nothing, I’m so sad
Unable even to put it into words
My whole body begins to ache
I can’t take being alone

At night I grew tired of crying and drew my face, yet it wasn’t my face
I need to stop hiding my weakness and putting on a smile

Is it the hardest thing in the world
To live without dressing oneself up?
If I could have something from you, I want something intangible
I no longer need things that can break

Even if I cry black tears and scream
Tomorrow will come with an unfamiliar face
And I’ll come up against the same pain
If those days are going to continue
Then I want to go far away
Even though I know it’s selfish of me…

for romanji lyric, click kiwi musume


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