my nephew is love <3

this is nugie.. my nephew..

he’s already 5 month, and he is totally cute XD back then when he was born, his weight only 2,75 kgs.. but now it’s 7,5 kgs XD chubby! and heavy -___-a i can’t carry him for a long time like i used to..

so.. at 4 month, we started to introduced him baby food 😛 and he like it.. yey!! last week, we also introduced him with baby biscuit.. it’s because his mouth won’t stop munching XD after we introduced it, he LOVE it XD

now nugie could sleep with his chest.. *i don’t know the right english for tengkurap*.. and he could roll XD yesterday i heard from my mom that nugie cried because he ‘fell’ from the bed.. okay okay.. at first i kinda shocked.. but his bed is on the floor.. maybe he shocked because suddenly he felt cold from the floor XD btw.. you could see that his bed on the picture 😛

then i asked how he could fell.. my mom and my sister in law said that now nugie loves to roll all over the places XD god! i don’t know how to react.. the crying part, i feel pity.. but the fact that nugie loves to roll.. i want to laugh so badly XD

nugie also have ‘ritual’ when he sleepy.. he is mumbling like a cat XD it’s like ‘aarroowww’, ‘urrrwwaaa~’ etc.. i always wake up because of his voice XD

eww.. my nephew is love love LOVE!! ^3^
you must grow well, darling.. then i’ll teach you arashi’s dance XD
you are my soul soul, itsumo sugu soba ni aru XD


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