my nephew is love <3

this is nugie.. my nephew..

he’s already 5 month, and he is totally cute πŸ˜„ back then when he was born, his weight only 2,75 kgs.. but now it’s 7,5 kgs πŸ˜„ chubby! and heavy -___-a i can’t carry him for a long time like i used to..

so.. at 4 month, we started to introduced him baby food πŸ˜› and he like it.. yey!! last week, we also introduced him with baby biscuit.. it’s because his mouth won’t stop munching πŸ˜„ after we introduced it, he LOVE it πŸ˜„

now nugie could sleep with his chest.. *i don’t know the right english for tengkurap*.. and he could roll πŸ˜„ yesterday i heard from my mom that nugie cried because he ‘fell’ from the bed.. okay okay.. at first i kinda shocked.. but his bed is on the floor.. maybe he shocked because suddenly he felt cold from the floor πŸ˜„ btw.. you could see that his bed on the picture πŸ˜›

then i asked how he could fell.. my mom and my sister in law said that now nugie loves to roll all over the places πŸ˜„ god! i don’t know how to react.. the crying part, i feel pity.. but the fact that nugie loves to roll.. i want to laugh so badly πŸ˜„

nugie also have ‘ritual’ when he sleepy.. he is mumbling like a cat πŸ˜„ it’s like ‘aarroowww’, ‘urrrwwaaa~’ etc.. i always wake up because of his voice πŸ˜„

eww.. my nephew is love love LOVE!! ^3^
you must grow well, darling.. then i’ll teach you arashi’s dance πŸ˜„
you are my soul soul, itsumo sugu soba ni aru πŸ˜„



  1. Fenty · September 2, 2009

    jadi kangen Cipaa …. huwaaa ….

  2. tu2t · September 2, 2009

    *peyuk2 fenty*

  3. nikencorner · September 4, 2009

    Uwaaaa….lucunyaaa.. XD!!
    Pengen meluk… πŸ™‚

    Btw, ak mau mulai aktif lagi update blog nih… hehehehe.. (sok yakin) πŸ™‚

  4. tu2t widhi · September 7, 2009

    @mBei: ahahahaha.. chan malah lebih aktif di LJ sekarang πŸ˜„ updetannya bisa tiap hari πŸ˜„

  5. lookmancini · September 29, 2009

    pertama kali liat, q kira baby ecchan…hihihi abiz lucu….
    boleh gendong chan???

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