happy 10th Anniversary, Arashi..

I just want to say thank you for all of your hardwork.. It truly inspired me in my daily activities.. You show me the meaning of friendship too.. But above it all.. Thank you for making my days brighter.. In fact, thank you for bringing back my smile in my life..

To riida, Oh-chan.. You are the most quiet person in Arashi.. The oldest among other.. But you are funny in your own way.. Dont change.. Coz i love you, this way..

To sho-chan.. Though you are famous because of your failure series in tv shows.. But you are not fail to make me adore you.. Your rap part are awesome.. And you are a news caster! that’s my dreams in my live.. Dont change, sho-chan.. Coz i love you this way..

To masaki-kun.. The miracle boy.. The one who joined arashi because you are always be with ni-chan.. Thank god that johnny banchou realized it.. I cant imagine Arashi without you.. You made Arashi alive.. In fact, you are the sun.. Your straight forwardness, hentainess and bakaness always make us laugh.. Masaki-kun, i love you this way..

To ni-chan, aka ninomiya kazunari.. My twin brother because we have a lot things in common.. Is it because our sign is gemini? somehow what you did was similar with me.. I think our straight forwardness makes our tongue sharp xD ni-chan, i love you this way..

And last, to the youngest member who i love most, jun-kun.. I love every single thing about you.. Kakkoi, doS yet you are the most sensitive among others.. Oh virgorians.. Why do i always end up by falling in love with you? i was “kyaa.. i love you, jun” after that “what? your sign is virgo? virgo again?” i guess i’ve been cursed to love virgorians xD because they are my type, accidentally.. Jun-kun, keep up your good work.. Improve it.. Coz i know you arent satisfied only like this.. Keep smiling.. Coz you have an adorable smile.. Love you with all my heart..

Happy 10th anniversary, Arashi!

PS. It feels like i’m writing a love letter to arashi xD

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