it’s going to be interesting..

Battle of the Pop is back! Round 2 has begun and will end on Sun, 11 Oct. Vote for your fave artists (once per day) and win in our all-new BoP Game (registration for the Game is now closed). Each round begins every Monday and ends on the following Sunday, so be sure to check back for your scores at the end of every week.

taken from Channel V

and the result for the first round is…

caps taken at sunday, oct 4th; 10.38 am (GMT+7)

Arashi lead with 37171 votes.. then Super Junior 33464 with votes, Kattun 14346 votes, TVXQ 12309 votes and Yui with 12024 votes..

and those who are competing for this week are:

  • Kat-Tun vs W-Inds
  • Mika Nakashima vs TVXQ
  • Arashi vs Yui
  • Ayumi Hamasaki vs Scandal

the most interesting fact right here is.. Japan dominate the Battle.. so we will see Japan VS Japan right here XD and there’s only one representative from Korea: TVXQ.. ohohohoho… i’m looking for fair match between TVXQ vs Arashi.. i wonder how many votes they will gain if the match come true..

so start your vote, here!!


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