Gantz Live Action

another copy paste post 😛

Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsuyama Kenichi (L in Death Note) will star in Gantz Movie..

Famous manga Gantz will be a movie now, double lead Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsuyama Kenichi, to be in cinemas in 2011!! Producer will be Sato Takahiro (Death Note, Death Note:: The Last Name, Tokyo Tower…)

Nino will be Kei Kurono:: is the main protagonist of the series. Kei is a 10th grader who is summoned by Gantz, along with his old friend Masaru Kato, after being hit by a subway train in an effort to help a hobo who passes out on the tracks. In the beginning, he is a rather selfish character who often ends up being the reluctant hero. However, after Kato dies in the third mission, Kei starts taking care of other people as well, and he starts to avoid casualties amongst Gantz team members…

Matsuyama Kenichi will be Masaru Kato:: is summoned, along with Kurono, by Gantz after they were hit by a subway train while helping an unconscious hobo who fell on the tracks. He is an old friend of Kurono and serves as a secondary protagonist until his death and as the main protagonist in phase 2. At school, he acts as a guardian to the weaker students who often find themselves bullied, getting himself a bit of a reputation for fighting…

For more info about manga characters go here

info taken from Matsubunny Vox

i’m sorry.. i just too lazy to translate or remake the article.. so i just copy paste it 😛 *including the picture*

well.. i can’t wait for this movies.. can’t wait for nino and kenichi’s acting.. and the producer is Sato Takahiro.. i could imagine how the movie will be *imagine*.. 2011, ne?? well, i guess all we can do just wait ^^


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