Yosakoi Matsuri 2009

i just want to post about yesterday yosakoi festival ^^ so get ready.. for pic spam!!

D-1.. in indonesian it call gladi resik.. i don’t know in english.. D-1 preparations?? XD or maybe rehearsal 😛 sorry for the lousy english ^^;;

his name is Arimas.. not Arimasu, but Arimas XD i asked him to make a pose like Roronoa Zoro from One Piece animation XD

and we’re ready to “kill”!!

left-right: arimas, me, osa, yantie

look at my happy face XD

left-right: arimas, kiki, fitria, osa

the medallion receiver! lidya – via – osa

via’s medallion..

lidya’s medallion

osa’s medallion

osa and me with Nami CLC ITS’s member..

while we’re waiting the announcement.. we went to Hanamasa XD an all-you-can-eat japanese restaurant

then.. the doki-doki continue…

a moment before the judge announce the winner..

the winner!!
1st Winner
Studio Tydiff
Best Coreography
1st: Unesa (Surabaya State University)
2nd: Nami CLC ITS
3rd: Unair (Airlangga University)
Best Costume
1st: D’Japan Odori Holic Jogjakarta
2nd: Unibraw (Brawijaya University) Malang

tough we’re not win anything.. but we’ve got this!!

and this is Osa with his girl.. Arinda..

meanwhile… do you know a game called Vampire Saviour?? then are you agree that this girl, Arinda, is look alike with Hsien-Ko?? XD i don’t think so.. i just asked her to pose like Hsien-Ko XD

8 thoughts on “Yosakoi Matsuri 2009

  1. @chii: *ngakak glundung2*
    @eric: yah.. sayang banget 😦
    @phiy: hehehehe~ yups! tapi kalo surabaya jarang ramenya..
    @nyuii: thank you nyuu~

  2. Whenever I initially commented I clicked on the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and now each and every time a comment is added I receive 4 messages with the same comment.

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