Happy (late) Ied \(^0^)/

Hai.. long time no see.. i’ve been busy with my life and, often rants on my other blog 😛 but here i want to say..

Happy Ied 1432H!
Taqoballahu Minna Wa Minkum..

Kinda late.. i know XD~
Another late post is about “Buka Bersama” on Surabaya US Consulate General, August 22nd, 2011.. i’m sure that other blogger fellow has wrote it on their blogs.. now it’s my turn..

On August 22nd, US Consulate General invite me, along with other bloggers from Tugu Pahlawan.com (TPC) to join at “Buka Bersama” event. Since i’m not join this event at 2009 and 2010, so i won’t let go this once in a lifetime year opportunity..

Then i arrived right on Maghrib time. It’s eat time! \(^0^)/

Do you know which part from the house that impressed me? It’s the backyard! They have a BEAUTIFUL GARDEN ever.. too bad that i did’t take any picture about it.. beside that, my blackberry camera is kinda blurry nowadays T__T

Fenty said that the backyard is like a soccer field XD but i always dream to have a backyard like that. A backyard that big enough for a whole family to get in to and grill some barbeque, or to lay down and watch the stars at night..

Okay chan.. enough the spazzing 😛

To put it short, i had great time there. I hope i could go there again next time.

Last, i want to show our celebrity at the event.. Mrs Kristen F. Bauer

Thank you for the invitation, mam 😀

And to TPC fellows, let’s Kopdar..
Or do you want to go to Dion’s wedding reception at Pasuruan??

Until that day, adieu~


2 thoughts on “Happy (late) Ied \(^0^)/

  1. tahun lalu aku ikut buka bareng disana, sayang tahun ini nggak bisa. dan sepertinya aku bakal nggak bisa ikut ke pasuruan pisan… huhuuu wes suwe aku nggak melok kopdar2an maneh 😦

  2. ya berhubung diriku ndak pernah kesana.. wajar dong kalo plonga-plongo disana?? XD~ abisnya rumahnya bagus! pencahayaan tiap sudut rumahnya keren *0* aura USnya kerasa..

    btw btw.. mas fahmi sering nongol di hi-tech ya? kerja di hi-tech kah??

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