WP sucks!

this is why i hate wordpress lately..
i can’t update my blog!

after that long post that i wrote, suddenly it gone!
plus it’s getting heavier! how many plug-ins in this place?
grah! really.. i’m getting lazy to write here -___-a

so, if you want to visit my chamber and read my posts, better go to my LJ then >> chan4yasu@livejournal..

i wonder what happen to WP these days?


3 thoughts on “WP sucks!

  1. I suggest you to install Windows Live Writer on you computer. I’ve been using live writer for several years, found no problem, and feel comfy with it’s IDE. Live writer also performa quicker since it doesn’t have to load wordpress’ dashboard.

  2. what is that, mas?? o.O
    well, since i’m not using windows anymore.. so i think i won’t install it XD~

    haha.. thx for suggestion, yeah 😀

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