my fandom

as you know that i have 2 main fandom in my live.. first is Janne Da Arc/Acid Black Cherry, since i really love Yasu so much.. and second is Arashi.. there’s no different on how much i love them.. it’s because their genre is different, so both of them still  #1 on my heart..

it’s kinda funny when i look back in time.. the reason why i stuck on arashi is almost same with acid black cherry nowadays..  it doesn’t mean that i’m not hooked on ABC since first time, but i’m going crazy again! XD

old picture is old 😛

back on 2006, when JDA announced that they will vacuum and each member do solo career, i felt sad.. why? why they do that? disband? solo career? vacuum? i wasn’t believe that it happened.. beside that, the main reason why i’m on LJ is because of Yasu..

after that, i’m searching for “another” light..
from one JRock group to another. from JPop group to another. from JPop to JRock.. i’m searching for those who can fill my heart..

then at 2007 (?) Yasu announced about his solo career.. so follow his works is a must.. but still there’s something missing.. no songs that can replace JDA’s songs at that time.. until one day i hear Truth from Arashi.. i feel “wow” with their “JRockish” tunes at Truth.. then i accidentally follow their progress and voilla! i’m on Arashi’s fandom..

viva dorkies! XD

being in Arashi fandom makes me feel that i’m alive.. those five adorable dorks makes me smile everyday.. but real life is getting harsh day by day. i can’t update easily like i did before. not be able to update their TV shows makes me down. plus they barely release CDs..

at this point, Yasu announced that Acid Black Cherry will release CD each month since sept 2011 until jan 2012. while Arashi kinda slow, Acid Black Cherry hit the gas. and now i’m crazy with their new album [2012]. their songs is fabulous!

both of them are special.. they makes my day… Yasu taught me that live is shit! but you must keep your spirit to move on.. and Arashi taught me to look at the bright side whenever we hit that “shit” level..

They taught me to keep on living and move on.
Both of them, Yasu and Arashi has worked real hard to be in this position right now. They are smiling, but they know that it’s not the end. so they will move on..

I’m glad that both Yasu and Arashi keep on cherish me with their stupid act and fabulous songs.. i’m sure that they cherish all of their fans.. therefore, i will keep on supporting Acid Black Cherry and Arashi..


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