new header


so i’ve decided to put a glimpse of my life.. from my passions, handmade crafts, design and creations, friends, idol, food.. hope it will represent my life.. even just a bit :p

how do you think??


  1. ndutyke · June 29, 2012

    waow keren. kukira tadi mau pajang header baru yg foto berdua ama suaminya, hahaha….. yakaleee, lawong aku aja keknya seumur2 blom pernah bikin header blog yg foto berdua si Abi😆

    • tu2t widhi · June 29, 2012

      ah.. kan sudah chan bilang kalo chan susah narsis😛 apalagi hubby.. keluar kamera dah ngacir duluan😄

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