Random post : about partner of life

maybe it’s related with something that i believe: don’t do if you doubt it.. once you’ve doubt it, there’s demons interfering in it. because everything that you’ve doubt for, always not good.. so, everytime you are in doubt, pray to Allah to erase it.. or ask Allah for the best..

and about partner in life, yes.. that’s the matter of faith.. and there’s Allah interfering in it.. we never know, when we’ll met our partner. but when we meet him, with Allah permission, we’ll know that he is the one..

nobody knows how.. that’s Wallahualam.. Only Allah knows about it.. until then, don’t stop searching.. don’t stop praying 😀


Babbling place for Niken

This post is just a quick thought about a sentence I recently saw on Mario Teguh’s facebook timeline. It simply said, “Don’t marry a person who will make you keep questioning if he or she is the best for you.”

How do we know it for sure, like 100% complete sure that he or she is the best for you, before we get married ? 

It is a matter of faith, right? And faith is not measurable, as far as I can tell, but depends on the level of faith we have, we can take a decision whether he or she is the right person for us. Maybe not the best, but just right does matter itself. Though sometimes, in some cases, some of us eventually knew if he or she was the right person or not after they went along the marriage together. Some people were lucky before entering the gate, but then again, it’s…

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