Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

so.. this time is talking about purple.. well, speaking about purple, i must say thank you to this person..

Matsumoto Jun of Arashi.
he is the one who introduce me to the world of purple. a charming and elegant color. a color that at first i never thought that i will be like it..

now purple is one of my favorite color. it’s because i never thought that it will suitable for my daily outfit XD i even have purple long coat that i use everyday, though everyone think that i’m crazy for wearing long coat in a place as hot as Surabaya XDDDD~

butterfly brooch that i bought because, i like the color XD

my creation

one of fast food outlet at Surabaya Town Square. i love the purple~

enno posed with cosplayer..


this is one of season greeting cards (from exchange cards event) that sent by my friend (who is also Jun’s Fans) from Malaysia. she forgot that i’m not celebrating Christmas XD

*photo is taken by various camera, including phone camera


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