Yay for Giveaways!

i should post this earlier, since i’ve already got this giveaway last month 😛 yes.. lazy me is lazy. but yesterday i was surprised because there’s an envelope on my desk.. so i guess i should write this as soon as possible 😛

1st giveaway: Spectacle from firmoo!

i’ve got this spectacle from firmoo about month ago?? before ramadhan.. about June or July.. i forgot the exact date, sorry. it’s because one of blogger fellow, gajah pesing, posted this free spectacles from firmoo, then i also wanted it 😛 do you want it too? email me at tu2t.widhi[at]gmail[dot]com then i’ll give you the instructions..

i really love this spectacles.. really. it’s because frame’s motif on side.. and white.. why white? umm.. i don’t know.. i like it since first i browse on firmoo. and i’m happy because it is exactly same!

thank you firmoo! ❤

then.. 2nd Giveaway: Haji Nekat, lewat Jalur Darat by Haji Bahari. i’ve got it from bang Auk.. he announced it here and i was so lucky to have this book. i thought that someone already answer the right question, though i’m pretty sure that pomegranate is the answer for 3rd question.. and it is XD

so here it is.. Haji Nekat Lewat Jalur Darat by Haji Bahari..

thank you so much for such lovely giveaways..


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