because you are here..

i always emotional everytime i listen Acid Black Cherry’s song, Kimi ga Iru Kara. this song written by Yasu, the vocalist of Janne Da Arc (on hiatus) and Acid Black Cherry (current project).

pic source:

he has beautiful voice, and this song is beautiful too. those who i gave this single agreed that this song is beautiful. this song was written by yasu to all of his fans. especially when he got problem with his voice, that forced him to end his concert at 2009.. i watched the concert footage, about how he struggled from pain. for a vocalist, losing a voice is a disaster. we knowed that he must rest, but he don’t want to disappointed us. but in the end, he must end the concert earlier from the schedule. we as a fans understand and we want the best for him. so he did some surgery and rest from singing for 6-7 months.

due that 6-7 months, we supported him. prayed that he’ll be alright. and God heard our prayer. now he can sing again, even his voice is better that before.. at first i afraid that he can’t sing anymore. but God is not sleeping. God answer our prayer so we can hear his beautiful voice again.

so here’s the song.. Acid Black Cherry – Kimi Ga Iru Kara..  and Janne Da Arc – Dear My..

PS. he is brilliant when sing ballad songs.. or me who loves ballad songs? XD


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