my 1st photo competition

at December 9th, 2012, i attended a photo competition. that was my 1st photo competition in my life. i love to taking pictures since i was 7 years old. i remember that i took pictures with my pocket camera back then. maybe i have spent hundreds of film for taking pictures. most of it was “unimportant” and “wasting so much film”, that’s what my father said. even though he was kinda forbid me to continue my activity in photography, he still supported me to train. he trusted me to took pictures when we had a family trip.

at high school, i join photography club, so at college. at college i met wonderful photography lecture. his name is Dewanto Nusantoro. he knows that i love photography, so he trained me hard. with some of his pupils, i often went to National Park to catch beauty of nature and sharpen my instinct. he also the one who introduce me to  journalism world through photography.

he and some of his pupils, later i called them brothers, encouraged me to join photo competition. but i never want to join. simple reason. i don’t have SLR camera. but maybe that’s my reason to avoid the competition. why? because i don’t have enough confidence to face another photographer, to face another competitor.

and then last week, my friend fahmi asked me to join a competition. he said that it’s to sharpen my skill. so why should i avoid it? even though i don’t have DSLR camera, i have friends that have DSLR camera to borrow for a while 😛 and here’s my pictures that i submitted on the competition..



blog03so, i never took a picture with model in it. i’m not good to take picture with model (^-^;)


but i use to take pictures like this 😛
product, candid, people’s activity, something unusual and nature.. that’s what i love most in photography.. but having a certain subject of photo such a model? i don’t know what should i do XD


well, no problem i guess. if i never join a competition, how will i know about photography competitions? beside that, before it started, the juror usually gave some tips about photography. even though i’m not win -who am i anyway that could win on the first competition?- but now i know the situations when competition held.

maybe one day, i could find my real “call” on photography..





7 thoughts on “my 1st photo competition

  1. Itung-itung pengalaman Chan, aku juga ga pernah ikut. Malahan daku lebih amatir soal foto memfoto kan XD
    Tapi kamu bagus kalo ngambil foto candid ama HI. Lebih dapet deh 😀

    1. kalo macam hewan atau yang berhubungan ama alam mah, aq banget. soalnya duulu aq dilatih kesabaran dan insting justru di hutan. menunggu sekumpulan rusa minum di pantai, atau biawak sedang makan.. itu kan kudu super duper ekstra sabar 😀

      kalo makanan/produk, bisa lah.. tapi kalo model macam begini.. alamak! puyeng aq… suruh aq candid aja.. jangan foto model lagi pose 😛

    1. salam kenal juga mas dani 😀
      ya, ikutan kompetisi foto juga didorong temen2 juga sih.. katanya eman kalo gitu2 aja 😛 yang jelas ogahan ikut kompetisi kalo biaya pendaftarannya mahal -__-a *digampar karena gak mau rugi* XD~

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