how to make picture of your craft beautiful (part 1)

i know that i’m not a professional photographer. i just love photography. but loving photography since i was little made me realise that making a fabulous picture needs a lot of efforts. i don’t know how much film i’ve spent since i was 7 years old. what i know that my dad often scolded me when i asked him money to buy new film ^^; yes, i born on analog camera era anyway XD

one of the good thing for born on analog camera era is learning photography manually, so you could understand about each function on your SLR, even pocket camera. and now when the digital era has arrived, we just swithed it from analog to digital.

my friends often ask me, “how do you make your crafts looks good on that picture?”. the answer is so so simple. nice angle, good lighting, good camera, then edit it.


well, it’s shame for me who were an ex-journalist and studied photography for making bad pictures. really, i always feel like that. especially when i took pictures about non-living object.

there’s a lot of question from other crafters about my pictures. sometimes they envy about it. don’t envy me, because you can do it too. so here’s some tips based on my own experience to make picture of your crafts beautiful.

1. use proper camera.
just throw away your phone camera. that are not suitable for it. except if you had Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone or Lumia, but i also can’t guarantee quality of the picture. what i mean here is use camera, not phone camera. phone camera is not a proper camera. yes, it can take pictures, but it can’t bring detail and beauty of your crafts. what you need is either pocket camera or DSLR.

up: taken with samsung galaxy fit | down: taken with smartfren andro.

both were taken with phone camera | up: taken with samsung galaxy fit | down: taken with smartfren andro. 

“i don’t have camera. that’s why i use phone camera”
so why don’t you borrow your friend’s camera? i borrow my friend’s camera to take all of those beautiful crafts. why? because i don’t have camera. don’t make that kind of reason to justify what you’ve did. just like this javanese pun: “sak ombo-ombone alas, jek luwih ombo alasan”. it means we always have 10.000 reason to justify our statement before. that’s not good.

taken with HTC Mozart. quite good for phone camera.

taken with HTC Mozart. quite good for phone camera.

“i have pocket camera. but the result is not good as yours”
don’t blame your camera. you should know what kind of setting you should use for each situation. you also should know about results of each camera. back on analog, we often try different film to know which film that bring great result. kodak have reddish photo, konica have bluish photo, fuji have true color. each film have its own advantages. and so does digital camera. each brand has its own uniqueness.

but if the result of your camera is far from your expectation, maybe you should take it over and over and over, until you know what your camera can do, until you know what kind of situation that your camera can do best.

so use camera, not phone camera. phone camera may good to took picture of you and your friends, or meal that you eat, but not on your crafts.

i think enough for part one. i’ll continue part two, soon! when i’m not busy XD and if you have questions, you can leave your comment here.

lastly, i’m not a professional photographer. but i want to share some tips here, based on my own experience.

all pictures taken by ecchan, with various camera that i’ve borrowed ^^;



  1. danirachmat · January 14, 2013

    mantabh.. Ojo kakehan alasan pokoke yo Ecchan. Kalo pengen poto bagus yo usaha. :’)

    • tu2t widhi · January 14, 2013

      Segala sesuatu kalo pengen hasilnya maksimal ya emang kudu usaha. Kalo ada uang, beli. Kalo gak ada, pinjem. Gak ada yg pinjemin, cari org yg mau pinjemin. Ngapain susah.. hidup dah susah kok mau ditambahin susah :p

      Aq percaya org gak bisa itu karena 2hal. Pertama krn gk bakat. Kedua karena dia merasa tak bisa jadi enggan mencoba. Tapi sak gak bakat2nya orang, kalo mau usaha, pasti bisa. Krn tak ad yg tak mungkin di dunia ini 😀

    • ndutyke · January 18, 2013

      kalo kamera henpon sekelas Galaxy Note ya maap. lain lagi ceritanya, muhahaha…. *digampar*

      • tu2t widhi · January 18, 2013

        dibandingkan kamera DSLR? saiyah ragu XD *kembali digampar karena perbandingannya jelas beda*

      • danirachmat · January 18, 2013

        emmm… ga enak Mem mau berkomen begitu.. *digampar kanan kiri*

  2. efahmi · January 15, 2013

    Ayo ayo urunan mbukak studio dewe ae yooo… aku urun lampu senter yo 😉

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