how to make picture of your crafts beautiful part two

now i’m going to continue the topic about how to make picture of your crafts beautiful. you can read the part 1 here. 

the second terms are consider the light
the best lighting in my opinion is sunlight. under the sunlight, we can take picture easily. it because camera depend on lights. that’s why they have some terms: over (over exposure) and under (under exposure).

consider the light 02
just take it outside and shot it! bang! XD

outdoor photography session is the easiest for me. the light is good, but don’t take picture in direct sunlight. you’ll find out that it will ruin your picture. if you are too lazy to go out and take picture outside, you can have indoor photography session. but you must not lazy to provide light with bringing lighting stuffs. i usually depend on neon lamp, and flashlight. you will need one or two assistant to hold your lamp and flash light to do this.

consider the light 01
this is what i hate for using flash, some parts are over exposure

some mistakes that made by amateur photographer was camera flash. they always use direct flash. i personally dislike flash, because the light is too hard, too bright and often make reflections. that’s why i suggested to use lamp and flashlight, which we can adjust the light.

consider the light 03

consider the light 04

i think enough for part two. i’ll continue part three, soon! when i’m not busy XD and if you have questions, you can leave your comment here.

lastly, i’m not a professional photographer. but i want to share some tips here, based on my own experience.

all pictures were taken by ecchan, ecxept third picture were taken by angki.


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