5 years anniversary

it’s kinda bit unimportant actually.. but when i read this notification, i smiled ear to ear XD


i never thought that i’m with wordpress for 5 years.. that’s awesome, at least for me ^^ 5 years with wordpress and this year i’ll celebrate 8 years blogging anniversary. and it’s on my month, on May! all things happen on May! i can’t wait for that month..

and yesterday i spent my free time with watching my downloads.. well, i have too much anime-bangumi* to watch. yesterday i watched NTV Best Artist 2012. it’s quite different with previous year but i like it. how i love to watch bangumi with so many talented artist ^^

so.. today is the last day on february..
i hope you’ll spend a great time today ^^

and oh! don’t forget to watch this video.

i know that it’s in indonesian.. but it’s inspiring! a real story about Priska, was born blind, but she stood up to help others. she is the founder of The School of Life. a school that helps others who had same condition as her.

then, see ya!

NOTE: *bangumi = night TV show



  1. danirachmat · March 1, 2013

    mengharukan banget ecchan… salut sama determinasinya

  2. Ely Meyer · March 4, 2013

    Wow .. met ultah ya buat blognya sis 🙂

  3. Gen-Q · March 5, 2013

    Aku tuh sumpah lupa deh mba berapa lama udah ngeblog… nggak berusaha cari tau juga, jadi kepingin dapat pemberitahuan kayak gitu, tapi aku di Blogspot 😦

    Congratulation anyway, Keep blogging (^_^)/

    • tu2t widhi · March 7, 2013

      makasih ^^
      ya.. coba iseng2 nyari 1st post kamu.. nanti palingan kamu tercengan sendiri dengan faktanya.. hehehehehe..

      salam kenal ya 😀

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