5 years anniversary

it’s kinda bit unimportant actually.. but when i read this notification, i smiled ear to ear XD


i never thought that i’m with wordpress for 5 years.. that’s awesome, at least for me ^^ 5 years with wordpress and this year i’ll celebrate 8 years blogging anniversary. and it’s on my month, on May! all things happen on May! i can’t wait for that month..

and yesterday i spent my free time with watching my downloads.. well, i have too much anime-bangumi* to watch. yesterday i watched NTV Best Artist 2012. it’s quite different with previous year but i like it. how i love to watch bangumi with so many talented artist ^^

so.. today is the last day on february..
i hope you’ll spend a great time today ^^

and oh! don’t forget to watch this video.

i know that it’s in indonesian.. but it’s inspiring! a real story about Priska, was born blind, but she stood up to help others. she is the founder of The School of Life. a school that helps others who had same condition as her.

then, see ya!

NOTE: *bangumi = night TV show


7 thoughts on “5 years anniversary

  1. Aku tuh sumpah lupa deh mba berapa lama udah ngeblog… nggak berusaha cari tau juga, jadi kepingin dapat pemberitahuan kayak gitu, tapi aku di Blogspot 😦

    Congratulation anyway, Keep blogging (^_^)/

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