EF#3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

i’m joining English Friday Challenge to practice my english, of course. so i’m sorry if there are inappropriate words here.. i’m still learning anyway πŸ˜€

today’s theme is about Gadgets.. How Gadgets affect your life.

back when i was 9 years old, my father bought a computer for my brother. it was 1993, when computer is an expensive things to have. at that time, i began to curious about that big box on the desk. i started to watch my bro operate it, and (of course) asked him to teach me. but since he’s not a “teaching” kind of person, so he gave me a book: how to operate a computer. with that book, i’ve tried to operate and played so much games, of course πŸ˜› oh i miss those games.. i love SIMs and Tycoons games like, SIM Farm, SIM Hotel, Sim City (The Sims also XD), serf City, Theme Park, and so much more. i learn English and Japanese from games too! played PlayStation games with SNES program.. HAHAHAHAHA!!! so nostalgic.

my first encounter with cellular phone happened when i was on second grade in High School, at 2000. My father gav, because my school was more than 12 kilos from home. he hope that he could reach me anytime, because, hey! a daughter went to school far away from home, he worried if i’m not arrived at home on time. because he knew i love to visit new places XD

at 2006, i worked at a newspaper that concern about gadget. there i bought (with my own money) Sony Ericsson K750i. why? simple! because that phone have great camera and i don’t need to bring my digital camera whenever i go. but it turned that i always brought that camera anywhere i go XD

so, after K750i -> Samsung U700 -> Smartfren Andro -> Andromax i2 -> Andromax u2

basically.. the one and only gadget i have is my smartphone. i always choose a smartphone with great camera feature, and good internet connection. because i use smartphone to take a picture, edit, and upload it. i barely use it for chat because i barely chat via LINE or whatsapp. i prefer meet up or make a phone call. beside take a picture, i use it for browsing on the web, blog walking, check emails and check my social media account (instagram, facebook, path, etc).

how it affect my life?
well, i search everything on the web: recipes for baby, health, news, DIY crafts, tutorial and so much more. i don’t think that i can live without it.. but few months ago, when my monthly internet package has expired for almost 2 weeks, i still can live (without internet).. hahahaha.. but i think i can’t live without gadget. it helps me to relieve my stress by playing games, watch videos or even the simplest things like listen a music.

eventhough i busy with my weekly/monthly/annual reports, crafts and so many more, i still can’t abandon my phone. i don’t know when i could find a great object to catch, or need information when i’m at the market, or simply when i’m with my friends talks about the latest “gossip” that i don’t know. my gadget helps me.

~tu2t, 23012015~


10 thoughts on “EF#3: How Gadgets Affect My Life

  1. Oughhh you love gamea? Vice versa with me. I’m not a gamer at all. Dunno why. Only tried angry birds for couple of times and I did not enjoy it..hehe

    Nice to know you

        1. I like rpg and tactic genre πŸ˜€
          Is it hard? I think most of male blogger are gamer.. now i only play get rich.. because i kinda busy so i don’t have time to play. If i have, i would love to!!

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