EF#4: i choose “Doko Demo Doaaa~”

yes! if i must choose one of Doraemon’s tools from his pocket, Doko Demo Doa (ドコデモドアー aka Anywhere Door) will come first to my mind. but not that usual door. i want Doko Demo Doa in a capsule! a fussion between doraemon and dragon ball’s tool..

eh? in a capsule? yes!
do you know Bulma from Dragon Ball? she have a corporation called Capsule Corp (CC). Capsule from CC is a very useful tool. you can put anything on that capsule, including a plane! amazing, isn’t it?

so, Anywhere Door + Capsule from CC = Absolute Anywhere Door. Imagine that we could bring the door anywhere in a small size! when you need it: open the capsule to use the door, then put it back to the capsule after use the door, and put the capsule on the bag. now you can bring your door anywhere you go.

how cool is that! it’s not cool.. that’s AWESOME!!! *i sound like presenting a new product on a boss/customer* XD
okay i’m an anime geek :3

and why do i choose that Absolute Anywhere Door? the answer is so cliche: i could go anywhere i want to in a blink of an eye. where? the simplest place are: home <-> office <-> my relative’s house where i put my baby on workdays. it’s not that i don’t want to go to Osaka-Jo Hall or Acid Black Cherry/Arashi’s concert at Japan, or Fiji’s Island, or USJ or name the place that i want to go before i open the door.. all i need now just be with my baby anytime i want, and arrive at office on time XD


do you see that? she’s getting gorgeous and spoiltbaby. she also get mad if i came late XD so, i will use the door to go to my baby anytime, anywhere ❤

~tu2t, 30012015~


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