EF#6: Alter Ego

Do you have an alter ego? Most people will say “no”, but we never know if they have one. It said that Alter ego is the other self, in extreme way.

Example: there is a cute smart girl and very popular at school. She’s a kind girl and everybody knows that she never hurt someone. Everybody likes her. But no one knows that she have an underground “museum” with dried animal on it.

That is one of extreme example of alter ego. We always think that an alter ego is the dark side of a person. But I think that it would not be that dark, actually. Alter ego usually rises because of incapability of someone about something.

Do you have one? Well, I have… not in that extreme way but I think in a mild way

“this is so you, ecchan. mysterious. you always surprise me with your wicked personality. i don’t know which one you are,” said the illustrator of this drawing.

I grew up in a strict family. My mother prefers to have a son than a daughter, so she rarely cares about me. My dad often went to other cities on other island of Indonesia, so I seldom met him. I grew as an introvert kid and often shut myself because every time I asked a question to mom, she rarely answered. She always said “go find the answer by yourself!”

I still remember when I had a fight with my friend at elementary school. I thought that I was right, until I told about it to mom and ended by beaten up because she thought that what I did is wrong. And if I cry, she would beat me more.

At that time, I swear to myself to be someone that would not shed any tears in front of anyone, especially in front of my family. I swear to be tough and independent. I would not share any stories to my family, because I afraid if I got beaten again. Therefore I become someone who tough, independent and cheerful in front of everyone.

Most of my friends know that I am an extroverted person. They see me as a warm, independent, tough, kind and able to do anything. But most of my co-worker knows me as a strict, cold-hearted, to the point, straight-face kind of person. When my friends meet my co-worker, they would say “no way! You don’t really know her, then.”

I enjoy become warm and cold person. I can switch myself to be warm or cold, depend on person who I talk with. I can’t hide the truth that I hate crowded places and loves to sit alone in a corner of coffee shop, or walk alone on a park, or simply shut myself from people for few days.

So, which one is my alter ego?
One thing for sure, I could be Angel or Demon depend on what you do to me.


This is an entry for English Friday this week: Alter Ego.


11 thoughts on “EF#6: Alter Ego

  1. Thanks for sharing your mask and your real persona :hehe.
    I think everyone has a side of himself/herself that he/she hides behind his/her shown personality.

    p.s. dubidubidu raffa, dubidubidu raffa, dubidubidu dubidubidu dubidubidu raffa… *humming* :hihi

  2. aaakk!! I love Gumiho! :3 gara reminds me of the drama 🙂
    You are right, Mbak.. Sometimes meeting with different people makes us a different person as well. And we can’t say which is our basic character hehe

  3. Hello, Mba Widhi 🙂 Love your honesty in this post. And absolutely love the last words “One thing for sure, I could be Angel or Demon depend on what you do to me.” What a quote 🙂

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