#EF6: Kebun Bibit 2, Surabaya

Last year, Surabaya became famous because of our beloved Major, Bu Risma. She transformed Surabaya into a city with “thousand” parks. We have a lot of parks in Surabaya. There are Taman Pelangi, Taman Paliatif, Taman Korea, Taman Apsari, Taman Lansia, Taman Prestasi, and of course our iconic park: Taman Bungkul. But I’m not writing about those parks, I will write about Kebun Bibit 2, Surabaya.

First we have one Kebun Bibit, and it’s on Jl. Manyar Surabaya. And now we have two Kebun Bibit, the newest is on Wonorejo Rungkut, Surabaya. I must say Wonorejo Rungkut, because there are four streets called Wonorejo in Surabaya. There are: Wonorejo at Pasar Kembang area (Down Town of Surabaya), Wonorejo at Rungkut (East of Surabaya), Wonorejo at Benowo (West of Surabaya) and Wonorejo SS at Wonokromo (Near DTC).

This place is awesome! There’s a lake inside with a dock, beautiful flowers, animals and interesting spots for selfie/wefie. And I can’t describe how beautiful this place is. So I let those pictures tell the story by itself.

kebun bibit 2 (2)

kebun bibit 2 (5)

kebun bibit 2 (4)

kebun bibit 2 (1)

Thank you Vicky and Fahmi for asking me join to Kebun Bibit. And yes, they are my model 😛


Yes. I’m late. it supposed to be post yesterday, but I was struggling with my internet connection this week 😛 so here is my late English Friday post *big grin* and I love this week theme because I love photography and I have a lot of pictures to share.

Those pictures were taken on Sunday, May 4th, 2014. And sorry, I can’t post one picture, because it such a waste to put only one 😛

~tu2t, 21022014~



  1. dani · February 21, 2015

    Aaaah. Lovely Ecchan. Near my house. Where no that near near but it is compared to other three. Hehe. Never went there before. As far as I recall wonorejo was somewhere that was so remote

    • tu2t widhi · February 21, 2015

      It’s near perumahan nirwana.. behind stikom, dan.. you should go there…

  2. nyonyasepatu · February 21, 2015

    Pas aku pergi, ehhhhh berubah bgt Surabaya

    • tu2t widhi · February 21, 2015

      Iya yah? Kapan terakhir ke surabaya?

  3. Gara · February 21, 2015

    I agree, I also love this week’s theme so much! Wuhu!
    Btw, what’s the meaning of ‘Wonorejo’? Why is the name used in a number of streets in Surabaya, Miss?
    The photos, hence the place, is so beautiful. I love the orchid’s photo most! The bokeh is wonderful.
    Ah, I want to go there!

    • tu2t widhi · February 22, 2016

      Astaga baru liat dan baru sadar lom balas komen haha.. wonorejo. Wono means forest, rejo means crowded. It means that it was a forest with a lot of trees..

      • Gara · February 22, 2016

        Oh, “rejo” itu artinya “ramai”… makasih yo Mbak buat balasannya :hihi.

        • tu2t widhi · February 22, 2016

          Ada temenku yg nyari ttg kebun bibit ini. Aq cari postingannya lha kok ada komen lom dibales haha

          • Gara · February 22, 2016

            Oh :haha. Terima kasih yaaa :p.

          • tu2t widhi · February 22, 2016

            Haha.. sama2..

  4. Ryan · February 21, 2015

    Love the last one. And for the picture where the persons behind the flower (in distance), my friends usually ask me to took another one coz they are not seen in full frame hahaha.

    Btw Ecchan, it’s EF#7, not 6

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