[EF#8] Dear ecchan,

Hi! How are you? How’s life? I bet your life is getting fabulous each seconds. Hehe. But wait, is it really fabulous?

Graduated from LP3i as the 2nd best of PR (you are the best actually. You’ve became number two because of the first alphabet of your name), being a journalist, your brighter future is in your front of you. Great job! Excellent job! Keep it great, will you?

You might find obstacles in your life someday. Just remember one thing, stay focus. Stay focus on your dream. I know you can pass it, as long as you are focus on it.


Ecchan, you are a blessing. You just don’t realize it. Don’t listen to other people say. They don’t know about you. Those who said bad things about you and treat you bad, leave them immediately. They are not worthy.

Ecchan, if you continue your study to S1 degree, just remember to stay focus. You don’t need to have a boyfriend. Remember your goals, remember your dreams. Stay focus!

Ecchan, do you still love him? He is the one that hurt you so bad so you can’t forget him. Just forget him. The more you love him, the more pain that you’ll get. But you love him so bad, right? Stay sane, girl. Stay sane. I know you are sane enough to realize it.

And now you’re wondering “how this letter arrived on my desk?”. You don’t need to know. Or maybe you’ve already guess it.

Stay simple and focus on your dream, girl. I miss you already.

From 10 years older you


today’s theme is [write a letter to a 10 years younger you] 😀
~tu2t, 27022015~



  1. mrsmuhandoko · February 27, 2015

    haai dear ecchan…or mbak tutut? ah, nice post. btw ecchan chamber mengingatkan saya akan the chamber of secrets nya harry potter 😀

    • tu2t widhi · February 27, 2015

      keduanya bisa kok… baik nama ecchan dan tu2t itu ikonik (di kalangan temen2ku) hehehehe 😀 oh ya emang. kenapa chan tulis chamber itu karena chamber itu ruangan rahasia. ini adalah salah satu “ruangan rahasia”ku 🙂

      makasih udah mampir, mbak

  2. Nadia Khaerunnisa · February 27, 2015

    This sounds so personal 🙂 Was she you?

    • tu2t widhi · February 27, 2015

      the theme is a letter to younger me, right? so it is me 😀

  3. Gara · February 27, 2015

    A very nice encouragement for your younger self, Miss. I know that she would be very encouraged by your letter :)).

    • tu2t widhi · February 27, 2015

      but i think her reaction is “oh.. okay…” then ignore it.. hahahahaha…
      i was too rebellious at that time 😛

      • dani · February 27, 2015

        Hahaha, I was wondering the same thing, your 10 years younger reaction and also thinking the very same reaction. X))

        • tu2t widhi · February 27, 2015

          yeah you know.. youngsters *not nowadays* XD they use to ignore wise words and tend to make mistakes, then regret it 😛

  4. ranselijo · February 27, 2015

    Berapa banyak ya orang yang fokus bgt ngejar mimpinya? Belakangan ini aku sering terdistraksi. *oot ya* 😀

    • tu2t widhi · February 27, 2015

      akupun sering terdistraksi.. oleh karenanya aku bilang “stay focus.. stay focus” haha!

  5. Ryan · March 1, 2015

    Forget him. Move on. Wandering if you are still remember him right now though. Are you? *kepo*

  6. Karina amalia · March 6, 2015

    Mbak ecchan you look pretty in the past and now. I can see you love your job 🙂

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