EF#10: Outfit of The Day

When I know about this week theme (which was this noon), my reaction was: “Why OOTD? Why Outfit Of The Day??” and my face was like this (.___.).

Seriously, I’m not a fashion blogger or fashion hijab girl. I’m just a mere woman with casual fashion style. But this morning I feel like “ I need to dress up a bit”. So here’s my OOTD!


Okay then, just like a professional fashion blogger, I will share about what I wear from head to toe 😀

  • Hijab: long pashmina, bought at local market.
  • Black cardigan with white T-Shirt inside.
  • Watch: Patek Philippe
  • Home made Sasirangan Skirt.
  • New Era Slippers (or sandal? Shoes? The model is like Crocs and I don’t know what should I call it).

If you could notice it, yes, there’s no brand in my outfit (except my watch) XD because I’m not a brand-minded person. Hehehe 😛

So what’s my daily outfit then? Tada‼


Yes, I wear hijab, T-Shirt, jacket, and that slippers everyday. And that’s my work outfit too XD So casual isn’t it? The best part is my boss never complaint about my daily outfit. The reason why I wear skirt is only because I ran out of jeans XD

So, what is your outfit of the day?

~tu2t, 20032015~


30 thoughts on “EF#10: Outfit of The Day

  1. aku juga ke kantor setiap hari pake crocs hihihi. tapi sebentar lagi sandal bakalan di banned ama kantor. gonna miss the moment when wearing sandal around office hehehehe

    nice post mbak 🙂

    salam kenal,

  2. So that is Batik Sasirangan…
    For me, brands also not a priority in buying or wearing outwears… as long as it makes me happy and suits my mood, than anything would go. Hihi!

    1. Well, I’m proud with it because the blood of Dayak and South Kalimantan are on me 😀 I still have sasirangan fabric here. I still searching for the right design before i sew it 🙂

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