[EF#14] My Favorite Anime characters

Who is my Favorite cartoon character? Don’t ask. I grew and old watching cartoons, or I prefer to say it with Anime. Anime? Yes anime or animeeshon (animation in Japanese).  Starts from Doraemon, Anpanman, Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro, Candy Candy, Rose of Versailles (Lady Oscar), Digimon, Dragon Ball, Macross (oh this is so old! XD), Clamp’s (Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, X, XXX Holic, etc), Naruto, Rave, One Piece and so many more.

But there is one anime that I always love (and hate too) back when i was in Elementary School: Sailor Moon XD

Sailor Moon is a manga (comic) made by Naoko Takeuchi-sensei. It’s a shoujo manga, a manga for girls. We use to call it “Serial Cantik” in Indonesia. It’s about love, friendship, and fashions.

this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

Sailor Senshi – this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

Eh chan? You said that you love this comic, and hate too. Why? Umm. I love Sailor moon because of the story. It’s funny, sometimes heroic, but I hate Usagi because she is too weak >_< well, she is kind, love her friends so much, believe in others. But seriously, I dislike that Usagi-kind of girl: so weak that I want to scream to her “oh c’mon Usagi. Get a grip. The world would not end just because Mamoru leave you”. Like that 😛 Unfortunately that kind of girl are usually easy to get friends and boyfriend XD and I envy XD *smacked myself*

So, who is my favorite character at Sailor Moon? She is Makoto Kino or Sailor Jupiter. Makoto is a tough girl, yet have a melancholy side. Tough yet soft-hearted. She could defend herself, yet her dream is to be a florist. >///< and I love her boots when she became Sailor Jupiter. That’s it.

this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

Makoto Kino – this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

That’s it? Only that? Hahahahahaha…

Actually I have another favorite character and it’s from shonen manga, a manga for boys. It’s Ryo Saeba from City Hunter made by Tsukasa Hojo-sensei. Yes, that perverted detective, I know. Although he’s pervert and often to tease other woman, but his heart is belong to one woman: Kaori. And it broke my heart when Kaori died T__T

this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

Ryo Saeba – this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

That’s my favorite character when I was in Elementary School. How about now? I still can’t move on from Portgas D Ace from One Piece. Back then when I watched the episode when Ace sacrificed himself to save Luffy, I cried for almost one month. I can’t believe that Ace died. It’s totally broke my heart T__T

this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

Portgas D Ace – this image is not mine. i grab it from google.

Okay. I will stop my babbling about my favorite anime characters here. And if you want to share about your favorite anime/cartoons characters, you may join this week challenge on blog English Club.

PS. Feel free to be grammar nazi 😛

~tu2t, 11042015~



  1. Andik Taufiq · April 11, 2015

    Angkatan old school ini… hehehe

  2. Gara · April 11, 2015

    It looks like your favorite male characters are dead or experienced extreme sadness because of the death of his other half :eh :digampar.
    Ah, Sailor Moon! I remember my sister watched this so often.

    • tu2t widhi · April 13, 2015

      hahaha.. sailor moon itu macam tontonan wajib saat itu 😛

      • Gara · April 15, 2015

        Wajib banget Mbak :hehe.

  3. Ryan · April 11, 2015

    Another Sailormoon. Hahaha. Usagi is the type of girl that fonds by men. Strong but still need somebody to hold on (imho).

    Ah. The pervert. Hahahaha.

    • tu2t widhi · April 13, 2015

      haha.. tapi sumpah chan gak suka cewek nggemesin macam usagi haha!

      • Ryan · April 13, 2015

        Hahaha. Kyknya krn dirimu sendiri juga bukan tipe itu ya

  4. Ira · April 11, 2015

    Oh my God, I forgot about macross and rave!! 😆
    yeah another Clamp’s lover \(^^)/ .

    • tu2t widhi · April 13, 2015

      yay!! which one do you like? i love CCS and XXX Holic ❤

      • Ira · April 13, 2015

        XXX Holic yang nonton/bacanya mesti sekalian sama tsubasa chronicle….

        aku sih suka X sama magic knight

        • tu2t widhi · April 13, 2015

          ah nggak mesti.. holic dibaca terpisah gak masalah. tapi akhirnya bikin sesenggukan gak karuan T__T

          • Ira · April 13, 2015

            akhirnya gitu sih soalnya….aku ampe bengong ><

          • tu2t widhi · April 13, 2015

            bwahahahaha.. kalo ngikutin semua manganya clamp, baca akhirnya holic itu bener2 speechless.. trus aku nggak relaaaa!!!

          • Ira · April 13, 2015

            Clamp tuh selalu bisa bikin twist yang bikin bengong penggemarnya…..

          • tu2t widhi · April 13, 2015

            itu yang bikin mereka BRILLIAN!! >_<

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