I’ve been blogging since 2005

10 years ago, I started to write at blog.

Screenshot 2015-04-13 17.11.53

My first post was “Sekai no chusin de, ai wo sakebu”. It means “shouting out loud your love from the center of the earth”. I was almost 21 years old and still on Anima Magazine.

As you read, that day was my deadline of my article and I haven’t got news about art and culture. Back then, I was a journalist for art and culture in Surabaya. A journalist? Maybe the right word is a correspondent. But I did journalism activity.

Oh how I miss being a journalist. But I know my body, my limit. I can’t be a journalist anymore. But I still can write. 😀 I can write anything, everything that I love here, at my blog.

10 years. I never thought that I could blog for ten years.


I hope I could blog regularly and my writing wouldn’t be that “shallow” (read: a writing that contains personal opinion)

~tu2t, 02052015~

4 thoughts on “I’ve been blogging since 2005

  1. Wow, it has been 10 years since your first post. Time do flies like a butterfly, doesn’t it?
    I hope you could write more for the next 10 years, either that be your observation on anything, or even your personal opinion about something. I just love reading others’ writings–as if I could know what’s inside their minds without knowing them too personally :haha. Guess I am just too shy to start a conversation and making friends *malah curhat*.
    Anyway, happy anniversary!

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