[EF23] Mudik Preparations

First I want to say Happy Fasting to all my friends that read my blog. May Allah grant us strength to do this until Ramadhan end. Amien.

Today EF’s topic is about mudik. Mudik? What is Mudik? Mudik is an activity going back to the hometown. So if you’re married or working and live outside your hometown, when you are going back, it was called Mudik. If I put “Mudik” on google translate, the result is “Homecoming”.

And I’m not going home. Because I was born, grow and old here in Surabaya. Most of my family from my father’s side is in Surabaya. But actually I have another hometown, at Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. My mother was born there, but I barely go there. I really want to go, but the ticket is so expensive due Ied Mubarak T_T and if I go there, it’s not enough if I have only 4 days off from my workplace. Last time I went Banjarmasin was for a month. At least, 2 weeks are enough 😛

I’m not preparing anything, because I’ll spend Ied Mubarak at Surabaya. So, where will you go at this year’s Ied Mubarak holiday?

~tutut, 19062015~

6 thoughts on “[EF23] Mudik Preparations

  1. Mudik, of course! Although I don’t do fasting, but since the holiday is long enough, of course I’ll go home. The holiday is too long to be missed, and I want to visit many tourism objects in my hometown, too :)).
    Happy fasting! May this month brings a lot of good things for you and everyone.

  2. Haiii, may I ask about my Uchiwa Fanlight? Udah hampir sebulan mbak aku bayar tapi blm dapet kabar apa2 trs messageku gaaaaaaaaada yg dibales sama sekali. Kl emg gajadi mau dijual, aku mau minta refund aja boleh? aku tgl 1 harus balik ke jakarta utk KKN dan gasempet ke jogja lagi karena harus exchange. Terimakasih mbak!

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