[EF24] Ramadhan’s Breakfasting Favorite Menu

OMG.. Ramadhan’s Breakfasting Favorite recipe?
i barely cook nowadays. in fact, i’m not fasting due breastfeeding (plus my baby is sick, so she drink twice as usual) and my husband not fasting too due his health. so, what am i going to write? *is panic*

so, my ramadhan’s brakfasting menu are so simple. dates and hot tea. that’s all. that’s why i kinda confuse if i must write a recipe here. maybe i could share one of my favorite date menu: Cheese Dates! or Dates Cheese? 😛

Screenshot 2015-06-26 16.33.14

all you need are dates, cheese (you can use cheddar or parmesan, or maybe mozzarella?) and margarine.

-How To Make-
1. slice dates, and pull out it seed.
2. cut cheese in a rectangular shape that fits inside the dates. usually it’s about 15mm long and 5mm thick.
3. put cheese inside the dates.
4. heat margarine in the frying pan, then stir-fry the dates.
5. if it’s warm enough, take the dates out from frying pan, and serve.
6. better serve when it’s warm, because the cheese would melt when you bite it.

~tu2t, 26062015~


8 thoughts on “[EF24] Ramadhan’s Breakfasting Favorite Menu

  1. Preparing it looks easy, Mbak :hehe. And I thing it will be very delicious to be eaten as a menu in break fasting :)). Thanks for sharing! :)).

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