my blog and traffic

So put it simple, every time I checked my traffic, I always amaze and also confuse with it. Why? Because the top post of this blog is still about this post. I mean, seriously? I posted it about 4 years ago. Yet people still read about it. So, yay! XD

Should i make another coffee review? But sadly, now I rarely drink instant coffee nowadays. I prefer to make my own coffee from the bean, or if I buy it, i prefer latte/americano. Why? Maybe I’ll post about it later *giggles*

I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years. But I guess that I still can’t focus on certain topic, unlike some of my friends.

Why I posted this blog in English, not in Indonesian? Don’t ask because I just want to *laugh*

What should I post next, ya?

~November 15th, 2019~

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