Ego Traps, a self reminder

ego trap

I was going to write about this topic since 4 years ago, because I see people at that time were trapped in their images that they’ve built. I stopped writing about this topic because I feel that it may assault some individuals, thou I don’t know who they are.

But then I read again, and I feel like “hey you should let it out from your mind. Not because most of people are stuck on their own Ego Trap, but it also a reminder for yourself.”

So I write this as a reminder for myself.

  • Just because you do things right, doesn’t mean that it will be right for others. Oh yes I know that you also want everyone to “follow” your idea. Because if it’s good for you, it will good for others.
  • You can’t force your opinion to others. It’s their life, their decision whether they want to do it or not.
  • Never judge for everything that people do, eventhou you think that it’s not good. You never know what happened behind it.
  • Be humble, be kind. Because you never know what people have been through that time.
  • And remember, everything that you do, will be back to you. Maybe not right now, not today, not tomorrow. Maybe it will be back to you when you’re in the lowest or highest part of your life. You never know.

~November 26th, 2019~

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