DIY Scratching Post

Cat and a box. This two things are like a bow and arrow. Since I have a cat, I never see a cat hates a box, any kind of box. They loves it from the bottom of their heart, including my cats. But I have a problem with my cats. They love to scratch everywhere, especially in my sofa and chairs. I already makes them scratching post, but they rarely use it -__-;

One day, one of my friend share his story in Instagram. He bought a scratching post made from a corrugated box. I was interested with the box and asked him where he bought it. Then voilla! He shared the link and I clicked it. It’s started from Rp 50000. My brain suddenly shouted “fifty thousands rupiah only for a scratching post made from corrugated box? I can buy 10 liter of their sands with that money. Na-ah!”

But then I saw my cats scratching on my sofa. I know that I must do something to save the sofa. And then I remembered that my mom have corrugated box in the storage room. My crafting brain was like, “okay. Lets make a scratching post!”

So here’s DIY of Scratching Post.

What do you need to prepare?
1. Corrugated boxes
2. Cutter and ruler
3. Masking tape/scotch tape (tentative)


1. Choose the size of corrugated box that you want to make as scratching post. If you like it big, you can choose big corrugated box. In my case, I choose a medium size of box (40cm x 30 cm x 6 cm).

2. Cut another corrugated box with same height and length with the box that you want to make as scratching post. Mine is 6 cm x 40 cm.

3. Repeat to cut the box until you fill the scratching post.

4. You can decorate the box with wrapping paper or draw it together with you children.

So simple, right?
If you have a lot of leftover corrugated box like me, you can make it as scratching post for your cats and kitten. No more cats scratching on my sofa again! YAY!! \(^0^)/

~December 7th, 2020~

This post is a collaborations with my friends that also a blogger. Don’t forget to read their post here.

1. Maria :
2. Dea
3. Imelda
4. Anastasia
5. Delia
7. Iim


10 thoughts on “DIY Scratching Post

  1. This is great!. Hermano the stray cat, comes every morning and evening to our house for breakfast and dinner. Maybe i should make this scratch post for him and his friends.

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